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Purpose and Worth

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Gordie Tamayo

There is something I have observed that weighs on me. It’s how quick many are to talk about their inabilities and lack of competency. Over the years I have observed this from those carrying executive titles to those pushing a broom. This phenomenon is no respecter of stereotypical status and acclaim; which leads me to believe that it boils down to a distorted perspective of value.

As common sense as it may appear to be, life has a way of blinding our vision to the truth that you have value. Some have had their spirits broken and feel like their hearts are torn open. They struggle to make sense of who they are and contest every night if there is reason to expect another sunrise. But I am compelled to remind you that you are more than the sum of your current circumstances and past. You are more than the accumulation of accomplishments or lack of them. You are more than the status of your bank account, followers on social or title at work.

I am not saying that life is easy and can be by speaking it into existence. That is wishful thinking. But I am here to tell you that you matter, that you carry inherent worth, that the world needs you and would not be the same without you. You need to know that you have purpose and worth. Accepting this truth is one of the first building blocks to experiencing the awkward joy of traversing through life’s challenges. Every obstacle brings with it the potential to tear down or the capacity to refine us. This is not an easy perspective to accept, but a legitimate reality for those of us who have confronted and met at these crossroads.

Life is going to hurt some times and it is not always going to feel good. But you are not alone. You have purpose and worth.

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